Queenie can rent my house out in very short time especially some other teams tried it before you but not successfully. You and your team did a wonderful job for taking care of my house. I appreciate your effort and friendship.

~ Erica Chao

I would like to say thank you Queenie, you are great! Thanks for all your help.

~ Shawna Wen

We used Kam and Queenie's management service to help us Plano single family house. Before using her service, we were unable to rent it out and it takes too much time for us to management. With Queenie's help, we were able to have more relaxed time and have constant rental income. Queenie and Kam are very outgoing, honest and easy to communicate team members. If you have property need to be manage, call Queenie or Kam you will be delightful that you do that.

~ Martin Chu (If you need to verify with me call me at 940- 372-2172.)

My wife and I have had our rental home managed by Queenie and Kam for a few years now. Until we met them, we were miserable with out rental situation. We had not been happy with our prior rental management company at all. Queenie and Kam make everything so easy. They find the tenants, work with them, and handle any issues from the city or issues with the house. They keep us well informed and best of all they charge very little for their services and our rental income is direct deposited each month. We get details of any items that are fixed. Queenie and Kam are awesome because they work hard and take the pressure off us. They are completely honest and we trust them without question. I would HIGHLY recommend them to manage any rental property. Oh, plus they are great people too. They send informative emails and jokes and friendly communication as well. I can't say enough about them. Sincerely,

~ Jeff and Shannon Nintzel

Queenie Mak and Taylor Leasing helped me during a time in my life when no one else would. I'm a single mother of a beautiful boy and girl. My son has been chronically ill since he was 3 years old. I have been accustoming to difficult times, yet i still found myself much unprepared to handle all things collapsing at one. In January 2011, My son once again became very ill and needed special treatment that we could not receive in our home town. The two hour one way travel back and forth to the DFW area was taking a toll on me and my kids. My children were missing school and life was becoming very tiring. I came to the realization that i would need to relocate. The problem was I was out of work due to taking care of my son's needs. I was having financial difficulties and moving seemed impossible. I looked at several properties before I found Taylor Leasing and no one would work with my situation due to my lack of stability. When I found Taylor Leasing and Queenie Mak I was truly blessed. They worked with me when no one else would. They are truly compassionate people. Queenie worked with me to pay out my deposit and directed me to organizations who could help me with my move. Without her help I don't know where I would be today. Everyone at Taylor Leasing is polite, knowledgeable and very helpful. I am very thankful and blessed to have met everyone at Taylor Leasing.

~ Amber Sims

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